Hello, and welcome to my blog.  I am a mother of 4 small boys (yeah, lucky me!) who loves to cook.

I first heard of a Thermomix many years ago, while I was researching information in regards to Autism. You see, my eldest son was diagnosed with ASD when he was about 4 years old.  I spent a lot of time in front of the computer until the wee hours researching treatment options - I was prepared to do ANYTHING to cure him. During my research I came across a thing called biomedical intervention.  In a nutshell, this involves nutritional and environmental medicine, gastro intestinal treatment and dietary intervention. Many parents were reporting amazing results, so I decided to give it a go.

A number of these parents were using a machine called a Thermomix, to make wholesome and nutritious food for their children, which basically consists of a diet free of gluten and casein.

When we moved to a small country town in NSW, it was very difficult to find any decent Gluten Free and Dairy Free foods for my son, so I was making it all myself which was really time consuming. I just happened to look at the Thermomix website one night and it turned out that they were conducting a cooking class in town, so along I went.  I was a little skeptical at first - they claimed this thing could chop, beat, mix, emulsify, mill, knead, blend, cook, stir, steam, weigh and melt.  How could one appliance do all these things? But shortly into the demonstration I was sold! I've been happily Thermomixing ever since!

The tons of research I have done over the years has really opened my eyes up to the amount of garbage that is in most of the foods we consume, even in those I once thought were healthy.  I now refuse to feed my children ANYTHING that has any nasty food additives - and that includes fast foods, processed foods, junk foods, biscuits and lollies. But don't be alarmed - they get lots of treats.  I just choose wisely or make them myself, that way I know exactly what's in them.

Oh, by the way - to the Pediatrician who said my son needed to be enrolled into a special school - he is happily attending mainstream school and doing very well.



  1. Hi Caroline

    Gorgeous blog!! I am loving all the thermomix recipes and was just wondering whether you could put the email subscription widget on your blog so that I can subscribe via email?


    ps - I LOVE your boys names - I have 3 girls so didn't get to use any of my boy names (of which my top 4 are your boys names!!)

  2. Hi Bronnie - Thanks for visiting. So we have two things in common - TM and vintage names!

    This blog is very new and I wasn't anticipating this much interest. Email widget will be added soon along with many more recipes.

    Take care, Caroline

  3. Just come across your site, Caroline.

    it's gorgeous! Beautiful food and food that matches my palate perfectly :)

    Hope you don't mind...I've pinned a few recipes to my pinterest account (I've included your name). Let me know if it's not okay and I'll unpin them.

    Looking forward to reading more about your food and choices in providing healthy kids for your kids. Really interested in reducing the processed ingredients in our family meals.

    All the best with your renovations and parenting of your beautiful boys. I work in the area of Autism and although don't work directly in the area of diet (I run social skills groups for kids), I'm fascinated by the impact diet has on ASD.



  4. I have just been through the entire blog...and my mouth is watering and I want a Thermomix more than ever before!
    Your food looks amazing!

  5. Fantastic Caroline. I love to hear stories of people who prove conventional medicine wrong. What an inspirational story.

    I've been cooking some baby food from the Thermomix recipe community which my baby loves. I was searching for some different food combinations for Maggie and came across your site and then realised that you're the author of many of the recipes I've used (The canteen cupcakes gave you away!).

    Beautiful blog. Thanks, Skye

  6. Hi Caroline. You might be interested in an ebook i have written comparing store bought foods to those that you can make in the Thermomix. It shows how Thermomix meals can be healthier and often cheaper and at least as fast to make, if not faster than using packet mixes. Great for people umming and ahhing about getting a thermo. It is available on ibooks, sony and amazon. I would love you to have a read and let me know what you think. https://itunes.apple.com/au/book/fast-healthy-thermomix-advantage/id714781920?mt=11